Pride Minutes

Exec Meeting

Monday, September 27, 2010

12:00 PM, SUB 211


In attendance: Daniel, Kendall, Kevin, Carlos, Mallaz, Leo, Alejandro, Richard, Lesley, JJ, Ryan, Martin, Aria, Seamus, Cole, Abby



  1. Clubs Days results

  2. Destination Snow

  3. All-ages event for October 8

  4. Letter to Co-chairs (Ryan)

  5. Letter of protest to CBS

  6. Informal events (Seamus)

Action items

  • Vote for non-binding letter to be passed to co-chairs



  1. Clubs Days results

    • A thank to all Clubs Days volunteers, especially Aria who did a total of 8 hours

  2. Destination Snow

    • Pride will be sent updated fliers. Continue advertising

  3. All-ages event for October 8

    • First year reps will be organizing the all-ages event

    • Theme will be “Acting Out”

  4. Letter to co-chairs (Ryan)

    • Ryan: would like to motion a vote to pass a letter on to both co-chairs to sign as a commitment to the statement. The letter notes the responsibilities of the co-chair in maintaining Pride UBC’s image and treating all members with respect. Ryan feels that he and other exec members have faced disrespect from both co-chairs. Ryan speaks of Daniel not acknowledging him as the primary author of the letter of protest for the CBS and conducting himself unprofessionally.

    • Daniel: will not be signing the letter if it passes. Daniel disagrees with Ryan’s conduct in not approaching both co-chairs with the issue directly or expressing dissatisfaction when specifically asked. Daniel, Cole and Abby suggest that future conflicts should be dealt with in person with a disinterested party present as a mediator.

    • Cole: motions a vote.

    • Ryan firsts, Abby seconds.

    • 4 approved, 2 opposed, 7 abstained (Noted: Cole, Kevin)

      • Note: all documents to be presented at the general collective should be sent to exec members before the meeting as attachments to be viewed beforehand

  5. Letter of protest to CBS

    • Both the first draft and current draft are compared, Daniel noting that the current draft has been edited extensively

    • Final draft will be presented and approved when all resource groups sign

  6. Informal events (Seamus)

    • Would like to coordinate informal, non-discussion group events such as coffee or the Gallery Lounge


Meeting adjourned at 12:37


Next Meeting

  • Date and time: Friday October 1, 2010

  • Location:  SUB 245C

  • Agenda: None