Pride Minutes

Exec Meeting

Monday, September 26, 2011

4:00 PM - 4:59 PM


Exec Meeting  September 26th, 2011 4:00 PM – 4:59 PM

-          Meeting Minutes

o   Sessional Collective, mistake: three minutes beginning were illegal, supposed to have 24 hour notice of meetings. Though we had 9 old members there, which could be a general meeting. Every vote would have gone through, everything is ok. We currently have 10 old people to ratify positions.

o   Ratifying the sessional collective/1st general meeting? Unanimous.

o   Monday’s meeting, September 19th. Majority ratifies, 1 abstention (Malaz)

-          Resource Group Drama

o   Andrea has stepped down from her position, lots of things are going, including the Opt-Outs (anyone who wants their $1.50 back). Also stepped down before website finished. Most important, left RGs without a central point, which AMS disapproves. Lots of emails, confidentiality issues, hostile. Resolved in a 5 hour meeting on Sunday night.

o   New structure – RGAC currently the inter RG body, RG allocation committee, allocates RG funds. Decides on budget for different groups, for itself, donate money to various people, all treasurers within sit on this committee. In the past also turned into that organizes RG in other ways, Andrea hired to push paper work, instead she pushedRG together.

o   At meeting need a point person, RGAC should be strictly financial, have a RGtreasurer, is trained and runs RG paperwork, get an honorarioum of $500 per year, broken into semesters ($250/semester). De-centralize power. Write into RGACconstitution, but no way to write things into constitution, so will write a way to write things into this constitution.

o   Treasurer idea agreed upon, so we can say Pride backs it up?

§  Don’t have enough info to vote on it, just exposed to the information

§  Before voting, send out a debrief to everyone of the evidence, interpretation of evidence.

§  No vote.

§  Do an email vote though? If anyone wants to vote, vote by Wednesday morning? – Hesitant, confidentiality issues, debate, worrisome.  Not done.

-          Budget

o   Cindy Changed it. Different discussion groups, OTQT $60, others $8 a week.

o   All ages, $600

o   4 Bqqr Gardens, $625 each one

o   $166 Honorarium/Donations

o   Outweek $2000

o   Publicity not changed, if did it was added

o   1 Abstention, Malaz, Majority voted in favour of Budget.

·         Elections

o   OTQT

§  Simon – from Ireland on exchange, psychology, on LGBT committee in Ireland last year, run next year as well, all topics are things he studies/personally involved with. Done a lot of facebook emails, setting up debates and organizing a Prom. Fairly easy to get along with, moved to Canada on own.

·         Y: 11 N: 0 A: 0

§  Malaz – Involved with SAFE, similar club like Pride UBC, here been with Pride since 2008, also involved with HIM, Rainbow Refugees

·         Y: 2 N:9 A: 2

§  Octavio – been here for a while, did GLOW 2 years ago, wants to try OTQT, love discussing and debates.

·         Y: 6 N: 3 A: 1 I: 1

§  Josh – went to QT meetings last year, wants to get involved in something, discussions fun.

·         Y: 4 N:2 A: 5

-          Sarah’s Announcements

o   Needs deadlines, preferably times, specific times if you want to make events.

o   Date of the Event, its Title, where it’s happening, when it’s happening, is there a cost, is there cover, is there a drink cost, a theme? Colour themes, images

o   And date of posters you need them in your hand by. A week prior to the event to get them postered out.

o   All information to Sarah by 3 weeks before event, 2 weeks to make it, and 1 week to put them out and advertise. Is making multiple posters at one time. Things like handbills – sizes, wanted it in colour, in black, coloured paper, specifics, be in contact.

-          Pride Office Design.

o   New SUB building, Andrea before left said in design plans wanted to have glass walls for Pride Office – poses some very anti-confidentiality issues. Alright with us putting blinds up. Are blinds enough?  Though someone who isn’t out might not like to walk into a “gay place.” Could have glass windows, but within other offices.

o   Could get uniform blinds that aren’t rainbow. Is it ok that it’s glass? Can we deal with it?

§  Ok, as long as there are blinds.

-          Outweek Meeting 5-6 today

-          Hillel/JSA, want to do an event with us, and have had a good time at our Bqqr events, it could be any sort of event. Next week we will discuss this at the meeting. So food for thought – ok with religious group to coordinate? Ok with doing this?

Richard adjourned meeting at 4:59 PM, Abi seconded it, meeting adjourned.