Pride Minutes

Exec Meeting

Monday, September 19, 2011

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Exec Meeting, September 19th, 2011  4:00 – 5:00 PM


New Business

-          Paying Aria

o   Made a profit, ~$0-50, total cost ~$600, made close to $700

o   Aria is a major volunteer and does a lot, times are rough for her, be nice to give an honorarium. She has to miss a 4-5 hr workshift every bqqr garden to DJ. We had lots of positive feedback, good DJ, huge help. More than $10, $20-40 fair.

§  Majority favour of paying Aria $30.

-          Outweek

o   Ted and Adrian talked about it – move it to 3rd week of January, make sure no problem with UBC Politicians – in process of forming a committee to form events, and be part of it. Any way to get past themes so we don’t repeat previous themes, and what we can add and change.

§  Best resource for past themes is in a pile of posters

o   Richard, Ted, Adrian, Seamus, Rebecca and 1st year Reps on committee – required to be there.

o   Flag Raising – important to move, UBC is able to put up Pride Banners.  Talk to graduate students, really involved with QueerU. Concern if moved it. Talk to Jen or Helene.

o   Hunt down continuity report

-          Day of the Longboat

o   Voyager boat race, Seamus will be registering today, need to know if you want to race by the 27th. Races will be on 1st and 2nd of October, email Seamus or talk to him.

-          Pride Office a Mess

o   Huge Mess! Giant list of things that need to be done, if on office hours and have nothing to do – be nice to tidy up! May be getting shelving!

-          Budget

o   How much people are spending for discussion groups, and new budget AMS wants us to do, Wellness Center may collaborate with us.

o   Budget with new proposed numbers – we might be getting high % of funds from AMS since we do a lot, one group not receiving a lot and wanting more, and want each group to give some of budget over to them for their group, we dropped $340 from 10,000. Sometimes money from misc. donations, Outweek people donate, resource groups, and revenue from bqqr gardens (rarely cover cost)

o   Affect discussion groups, could increase cost or go to other places for pizza - $8 per week for discussion groups. For OTQT, $48 but $80 total for all discussion groups. Give TQT extra money?

o   We only want 4 bqqr gardens this term – cutting Trans Remembrance Bqqr Garden and turning it into its own thing.

o   We lost a lot of money from Bqqr Gardens last year.

-          TQT

o   Open House for first event, have people come in, discuss possible events that could happen during the year, then do outdoor stuff – written down, calendar stuff. A table out in front of the SUB.

o   Smaller budget than all ages events. Once every couple weeks, more money per event, and that time slot open on Thursdays for other things.





-          LFF – Harley – sent speech via email.

o   Y: 11 N: 0 A: 1

-          On the QT – postpone because we are unsure of Octavio.

o   On Hold.

Clubs Days


-          Office hours will be at booth, not in office. If not exec, hang out at booth. Not sure of location in the SUB.


UBC Wellness Center


-          Wants to collaborate with Pride – Thrive Week, awareness of different issues. Include things like Queeries on their calendar, outreach

-          Proposal due soon.

-          HIV/AIDS – free HIV testing, to spread awareness of prejudice against AIDS, if we were interested in doing events around those themes.

o   We are interested.


Facilitation Training


-          All facilitators need training. Wednesday at 5 – 7 PM, can’t make it, there will be a recap. Send out a Doodle to those who couldn’t make it. In Resource Center.


All discussion groups cancelled in their rooms for clubs days, but can meet in Pride Office. Or meet elsewhere. FLOW/GLOW on the go. Or cancel meeting.