Pride Minutes

Sessional/General Meeting

Monday, September 12, 2011

5:06 PM - 7:20 PM


General Meeting , September 12th, 2011 5:06 – 5:08 PM

·         Discussed active member status, definitions, content of constitution, nothing changed

·         5:08 PM Cindy made a motion to adjourn meeting, Richard seconded, Sari third.


General Meeting , September 12th, 2011 5:09 – 5:11 PM

·         Richard called meeting at 5:09 PM.

·         Cindy motioned to adjourn at 5:11 PM. Richard seconded


General Meeting , September 12th, 2011 5:12 – 5:14 PM

·         Richard called meeting at 5:12 PM

·         Discussed potential name of Zebracorn: Malachai, Sesstitia, Twinkle, Charlie

·         Richard adjourn at 5:14 PM, Cindy seconded.


Sessional Collective, September 12th, 2011 5:15 – 7:20 PM


Number in Attendance: 21


AGM Minutes

-          Ratified



-          Jo’s drag performance at Colbalts on Sept. 30th. She will send Sari the information to send to all of Pride.

-          Queeries reminder: at 4 PM. Kevin will not be present on Friday, panelists need to get together to structure it. Need volunteers, as well as for Bqqr Garden.

-          Kevin and Abraham are resigning. Web Coordinator and Outreach positions available.

-          Day of the Longboat:  8-12 people in a boat, racing in English Bay. We are going to be in the Clubs category,  we need more people, might be able to have 2 boats if enough are interested. Seamus will email out or email Seamus.

-          QTW Started a vlog, if you have anything that wants to be put into it, email Sari or Richard.



















Outweek Coordinator


-          Ted: Never been a coordinator, loves organizing, excellent listener, can take in lots of ideas and process them.  Worked with Discord (relevant to Ubyssey position).

-          Adrian: Not a coordinator, knows how to organize events, a good listener, wants everyone to be part of Outweek. Did go to several Outweek events in the past, knows what it’s about, wants to repeat some cool ideas and create new ones.

-          Question for Adrian: What good things would you keep from previous Outweeks and what would you change? Wants input on what people actually want, Improv Poetry Night at coffee shop – was intimate, shared ideas, express creativity.


On the QT


-          Jim: Wants to make it fun, a lot of things that worked in the past that should continue (for example, pronouns).

-          Question:  What are some themes? Use many people’s ideas, Pink Pistols

-          Question: Are you politically correct enough? Would like to think so!


On the DL

-          Justin: I'm interested in the On the DL/Peer Counseling Coordinator position.  This is why: I come from a really conservative background, and I remember what it's like to feel different and to be afraid to talk about and come to terms with some of your own identity issues.  I really feel passionate about making the world a more open place for these sorts of discussion--with our peers, our parents, our teachers, and others.  I will also be a Speak Easy Peer Support Volunteer this year (just found out yesterday!), so I will be attending the training this coming weekend as well.  My experience with sexual/gender issues is by participation in a non-official group at BYU, as well as contributing to a group blog:

-          Mary: usually a listening person, empathetic and have interpersonal and communication skills for the position, involved with another club on campus and holds an exec position, have experience being an exec for an AMS club, hopes to be involved with Pride, close to her heart.



-          Travis – Never been involved with Pride before, try to keep up with issue, never held a discussion group, hyperorganized, organized trips and stuff.



-          Jo – some experience with being in Pride organizing, was VP at her previous Pride group, on and off associated with this Pride group, wanting to be more associated this year, keep them fun, different aspects, get more political with feminism, labels, etc

-          Emma – Really enjoys the group, involved more, last year had second semester off but back home and part of the Pride group, Volunteer with safe spaces group, good with facilitation, approachable, willing to answer almost anything


Trans Tea Time


-          Wren: Been involved with trans for years, made sure trans activist group could stay alive, involved in activism, low levels of queer counseling, really excited to take opportunity to talk about trans topics


Totally Queer Thursdays


-          Dani – Part of GSA in high school, active member, helped classmates out, has fun on weekends, knows good places to go, good things to do

-          Henrique – in high school main execs, involved in making flyers, making powerpoints, informed people about feminism and other identity topics, huge writer, loves coming up with events, perfect because loves organizing things to have fun. Dani and him would be an awesome team.


First Year Representative

-          Lori: Founder and only person running GSA at high school, planned everything with little help from anyone, good to talking to outside groups to help find stuff for us to do, doesn’t drink.

-          Megan: No experience with any groups with the same objective as Pride, worked with various other clubs, organizing things, would make it extra special for this group, bring people together, living on campus.

-          Question for both: Poor attendance for some all ages events – despite organization, how would you increase attendance?

o    Lori: Threaten people (joke)! Talking to people face to face as opposed to facebook messaging them.

o    Megan: More focus, recruiting more people, lots of people are underage, have a good start, turn to people that will come to all ages and 19+ events next year


Political Coordinator

-          Trevor – President of UBC NDP, treasurer in BC Young Democrats, very political, connections in school system and political system.



-          James: Here at UBC, only attended a few Pride club events last year, but this year he definitely wants to get more involved. Publicity would be ideal, because of his creativity and drive to find new and unique ways of doing things. Also a marketing major.


Open Floor

-          Proposal: Kink Group: Aria wants to facilitate, on Saturdays? Maybe a special event once a month if it is on Saturdays, with sex toys, etc. Sex positive event. Names: Tounge Tied, bigger events less often. Kink maybe on Fridays. Get involved with businesses – Little Sisters. Work as a panel in the beginning, sex toy thing after?

-          Amendments to Constitution by end of November

-          Cindy – high school talks, more happy activities – pride projects. Bring it up in the next meeting.

-          Queer Housing

-          Changing Outweek to January, not February since there are lots of midterms – more attendance. Many things occur during February. Don’t want to have overlap with Arts Week and Science Week, or other weeks.

o    Opinion: great idea! Ubyssey have trouble moving us to be on the Outweek week?

-          Sari proposes to adjourn meeting at 7:20 PM, Richard seconds it.