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Pride Committees

The Pride Collective is organized through a series of volunteer-run committees each working to accomplish our mandate and push the collective further. 


We are always looking for new members - anyone is welcome to join any number of committees at the Pride Collective! 

There are many ways to get involved. You can express your interest and get more information at a General Collective meeting or by messaging us on Facebook, sending us an email, joining our discord, or you can just show up at a Committee meeting and jump right in!


Hungry Hamper

// Time TBD//

//Location TBD//

Spaces & Services

Time TBD

Location: NEST 2103

Communication & Media

// Time TBD//

Location: Discuss on Discord!


// Time TBD//

//Location TBD//

Discussion Groups

// Time: Discussion group //

// Location: NEST 2103 //


Tuesdays 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Location: NEST 2103

Communications and Media

  • Helps create awareness of events by running social media pages

  • Help design Posters and Graphics

  • Help recruit more members and create opportunities by answering emails and messages

Spaces and Services

  • Help maintain the Free Gender Empowerment Store to Provide the best support possible to trans and gender variant students

  • Help maintain and decorate the pride lounge, creating a cozy safe space


  • Help throw or organise the logistics of events, socials, and workshops

  • Work in conjunction with other committees to make our events successful in bringing the LGBT+ community together

Group Facilitators

  • Create or collect discussion group topics that best represent the interest of the group

  • Organize  discussion group meeting times

  • Facilitate meetings

Hungry Hamper

  • Help run a food Hamper that focuses on on filling the gaps left by food banks

  • Help shop, maintain, and stock the Hamper

  • Take donations and speak with local businesses to receive food from them to pride


  • Work towards creating a safer space for LGBT+  people by raising awareness and speaking up against injustice

  • Needs driven members looking to spearhead projects and events

  • Can take part or lead in teach-ins, open letters, and taking part in protests

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