Pride Minutes

Exec Meeting

Monday, October 31, 2011

3:08 PM, SUB 211


·         Previous Meeting Minutes

o   Majority in favour of approval, 2 abstentions

·         Admin Reports: Changing the Constitution Committee

o   Changing constitution a little, if you want to be actively involved email Abi or Richard – start a doodle, if not actively involved but want something changed – send an email.

·         Cindy – RGAC

o   Treasure position, that signs off on everything – Cindy has been voted in into that position but it shouldn’t affect what she does with Pride. Temporary until finalized in their constitution what exactly the position does and possibly get re-voted in. But right now, in that position.

·         Positive Space

o   Try and get an evening slot, in the process of making it happening

·         QTW Format

o   Send stuff in to Sari by noon or 1 pm on Saturday, cut and paste format so she can just send it off.

·         Social Coordinator Report

o   Not as many people as before, but still went well. Made $555, did not break even or make a profit, about $150 short – and we do have ~$625 allocated to each beer garden.

o   According to the budget, we are doing better this year than last year

o   Need more publicity, need people who are more dedicated – could be just a volunteering position, someone who is really dedicated

o   Call it a publicity coordinator – but they will be the one who puts the poster up?

o   Events committee? Only 3-4 people putting up posters, allocate particular areas to poster?

o   Decision: break it up between 3-4 people, unanimous vote.

o   Pumpkin Carving – and people came! It was more than just first years – about 20 people – one of the best attended all ages events.

·         Election

o   Carmen sent an email with reasons to be Political Coordinator

§  Y: 10 N: 0 A: 2

·         Amanda UBC Free Thinkers

o   Video shown of him talking to a reporter

o   Seems very un anti-religion, which is what we wanted.

o   Queer Religious Panel? Should be open to religious and non-religioius events and not associated.

o   Unanimous vote for passing the event.

·         Aria – website stuff

o   Contact list, hasn’t been updated – it’s on the fb group, it’s used for the website for “People” section. If you have a photo of yourself to email, or if you don’t want a photo, draw a picture of yourself – send it to Aria.

o   Connect Brendon and Aria so they can get working on website.

·         Contact in Pride Exec

o   Simple chart with email and position, post on door with office hours, in office with email and position, maybe phone number? But that’s online which is secure.

·         Inquiry

o   Policy about photos? – Beer Gardens are not safe spaces! But we might be able to post something saying you post a photo only tag yourself, not other people

·         IAC

o   Seamus only Pride person there, they were expectin 30 people all together, only had 10 people – they were disappointed. They thought we would collaborate more but we didn’t have enough time to collaborate.

o   More hype would have been better, but event was also at a really awkward time.

o   Perhaps create a guideline that we need a certain amount of time before collaborating on an event so we have more time to work with. Proposal forms in the resource group center.

o   Voted unanimously that we need 2 weeks in advance if we are going to collaborate.

·         Richard motioned to adjourn the meeting at 4:59 PM, meeting adjourned.