Pride Minutes

Exec Meeting

Monday, October 3, 2011

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


In Attendance: Abi, Richard, Cindy, Seamus, Mary, Kirk, Simon, Helene, Jim, Brendan, Ted, Ema, and Adrian (taking the minutes).

Richard calls meeting to order.

Went over safe space rules

  • Give us a name

  • Share the floor

  • Don’t out people

  • Vegas rule

  • No assumptions

  • Attack idea not person


  • Approve last week’s meeting

  • resource group vs ams update and discussion

  • approval of budget

  • appointment of Simon as on the QT co-facilitator

  • Sarah’s poster guidelines

  • New Pride office design discussion

  • Outweek announcements

Hillel Collaboration (Seamus shared further discussion during secondary meeting)

Abi calls for vote of approval. Agenda approved unanimously.

- Cindy: comment regarding last week’s budget approval → she made minuscule tweaks such as donation to avoid spending entirety of budget. No objections to such changes.
- Approval of today’s agenda

        Check in/ safe space

        Approve last weeks minutes

        Approve this weeks minutes (last chance to add to them)

    Mary's update and on the DL discussion

        Resource group update and discussion

        Political coordinator update

        New SUB pride office info (frosted glass)

        Hillel Event Collaboration

        New business: Web coordinator nominations, Cindy’s memorandum, Outweek updates.

        Check out

        Abi calls for vote of approval. Agenda approved unanimously.
- Mary’s update and on the DL discussion

Mary has dropped her Speak Easy responsibilities.

Mary: explained her situation and said that due to an overwhelming level of stress she was unable to complete her Speak Easy training. Currently she has completed 80% of the training. She argued that she received the most relevant training and that she felt confident to continue with her Pride position as an on the DL facilitator.

Abi: in addition to discussing Mary’s eligibility to continue as an on the DL facilitator, she posed the question whether Pride UBC’s constitution should be amended. Is Speak Easy the best place to train on the DL facilitators? She agrees it’s a huge time commitment. Suggests possibility of approachingCounselling Services for a solution.

Cindy: expresses her concern of Mary not having fully completed her Speak Easy training on topics such as suicide and substance abuse. She encourages Mary to find a way to familiarize herself with these topics such as talking to Justin.

Mary steps outside. Voting procedures commence. 10 votes of support, 1 abstention.

Result: Mary is allowed to continue as an on the DL facilitator.
- Cindy’s Memorandum

Because Cindy is Pride UBC’s treasurer, it was necessary to create a memorandum detailing she was claiming a reimbursement for expenses made for Queeries.

Seamus and Ted sign the memorandum.
- Resource Group update and discussion

Constitutional text changes

        - Proposal of treasurer position to manage the RGAC’s finances.

            Such position would receive an honorarium of $250 per term.

        Helene: proposes to increase honorarium to ensure stability to the position.

        Abi: Ideally the Treasurer should work one hour per week.

        Helene: argues this position has the potential to become a much bigger job.

Abi: This treasurer position should only deal with finances and shouldn’t become larger than what has been outlined. They shouldn’t work more than people like Richard and herself.

Cindy: expresses her concern of students outside the resource groups to perceive any honorarium larger than what has been proposed as dishonest. She also emphasizes that the new treasurer position is ultimately a volunteer position with additional expectations which are rewarded with the honorarium.
Cindy: What happens when an already existing treasurer becomes an RG Treasurer? How can favoritism be avoided?

- Proposal of the Equity and Accountability Committee is discussed. The idea that the RG treasurer should have no political vote is also put forth.

- Proposal to amend the RGAC constitution to allow amendment to the RGAC constitution.

Helene: expresses her concerns that the RGAC may be gaining political qualities despite it’s sole function as a financial management group.

Jim: asks whether there is a mechanism for RG people to propose amendments to the RGAC constitution.

Cindy: that is the function of each RG treasurer.

Jim: What happens if the resource groups don’t agree?

Cindy: After 2 levels of discussion, there has to be a 4 out of 6 consensus
Abi calls for a recap of the discussion and motions to put these topics for voting.

5 votes for keeping the current honorarium, 3 to increase it, 4 abstentions.

Agreement on the sentiment that the RGAC treasurer should only be a paper pusher and not a political position.

11 votes in approval of the proposed mechanisms for making constitutional changes, 1 named abstention (Helene).

- Outweek updates

Ted: No outweek meeting being held this week. Creation of a facebook group for discussion of ideas and announcing meetings

    Abi: please make an announcement of this group on Pride UBC’s facebook page.

Helene: CSIS has offered QueerU $400 to cover QueerU related expenses. This would save money from the Outweek fund. It is unclear whether wine and cheese is included in this. Helene will check.

- Web coordinator nominations.

Brendan: nominates himself. He thinks there should be a second person to help or change the submission requirements to a copy and paste model. He gives nomination speech. Leaves the room. Voting procedures. 12 votes for, 0 against, 0 abstentions. Result: Brendan is the new web coordinator.

The possibility of Aria joining the web development team is also discussed.

- Hillel event Collaboration

Seamus: Hillel has invited Pride UBC to have an event (such as a wine and cheese or beer garden) at their building.

Some concerns are voiced:

    Hillel has some fraternity aspects.

    It is religious based

    They would have to be the liquor licence holders

    Pride UBC should be invited as a resource and not as a collaborator.
- Political coordinator update. (read from Trevor’s email)

Purple letter campaign (box in Pride office) is about to end. Everyone is encouraged to submit letters.

Housing Campaign (Queer friendly check box on housing applications): SJC wants to collaborate but it would delay and complicate the campaign

Trevor: asks Pride UBC whether he can proceed and approach Housing people.

Abi: we need to hear SJC’s point of view

(Note: after meeting, Abi gave Greg from SJC Trevor’s contact info. Greg intends to open communication with Trevor)

- Opt outs update

Abi: everyone should know what to do when someone is looking for an opt-out and no one is in the RG common area. She shared the combination code of the RG library, where you can find the yellow folder with the opt-out forms. Check 2 pieces of ID, ask the student to fill the form, ask them why they’re opting out. Put the form back into the yellow folder, and the folder back into the library.

Richard motions to adjourn the meeting. Motion is passed.  

Meeting is adjourned.