Pride Minutes

Exec Meeting

Monday, October 25, 2010

12:04 PM, SUB 211


In attendance: Aria, Arielle, Carlos, Cindy, Cole, Daniel, JJ, Kendall, Kevin, Lesley, Mallaz, Richard, Tom



  1. October 29 – Beer garden

  2. Upcoming dates

  3. Petition to vote for recall of On the QT co-coordinator

  4. Vote in new executive member

  5. Financial summary for October

  6. Discussion groups budget

  7. World AIDS day (Carlos)

  8. The Knoll publication (Arielle)

  9. Gay Top Model (Daniel)

  10. Gay and Lesbian Liberation Front of Africa of Seattle update


Action items

  • Sarah Melo voted in as First-Year Representative



  1. October 29 – Beer garden

    • Volunteer list already sent out. Postering will be done this week.

    • Good job to co-social coordinators with the promotion emails

  2. Upcoming dates

    • Positive Space October 29 and November 5, 1-3 PM in SUB 42U

    • November 10 – Resource groups open house (time TBA)

    • Nov ember 19 – Trans Day of Remembrance

      • Speaker at 4 PM in SUB 205

      • Vigil held at 6 PM

      • Beer garden at 7 PM in SUB 207-209

  3. All priority term two booking dates have been approved

    • January  14 – beer garden

    • January 28 – All-ages event in SUB  212A

    • March 11 – beer garden confirmed for SUB, but trying to get the Cheeze instead

    • April 1 – last beer garden

  4. Petition to vote for recall of On the QT co-coordinator

    • Sessional collective called by Co-Chair Daniel for November 1, 2010 next Monday

      • 12-12:30 PM. General collective begins from 12:30-1 PM.

  5. Quorum for sessional collective is 10. Exec members unable to attend are encouraged to vote by proxy with written consent given prior to the meeting.

  6. On the QT co-coordinator Mallaz may not be able to attend

  7. Vote in new executive member

    • First-year representative

      • Sarah Melo: Richard nominates, Kendall seconds

      • 11 approved, 0 opposed, 0 abstained

    • Financial summary for October

    • Financial year divided into 8 reporting periods for each month (excluding summer)

    • Oct 31 – primary revenue is from beer gardens

    • Assumed that revenue will be distributed equally for all 8 periods

    • Year-to-date estimated revenue: $250; actual YTD revenue: $920

    • Recurring expenditures already budgeted and equally distributed for each reporting period

    • Telephone, office, discussion groups

    • Promotions are already over budget

      • Estimated YTD: $87.50; over $53.10

    • Outreach – $0 spent

    • Beer garden expenditure – under budget by $44.67

    • Discussion groups -  under budget by $141

    • All-ages events - over budget by $50.96

    • Still have a lot of room for flux

  1. Discussion groups budget

    • FLOW, GLOW and LFF are currently allowed $5 per week for snacks so amount for OTQT could be increased

    • Agreed upon to change budget from $5 to $7-8

    • OTQT amount remains the same

  2. World AIDS day (Carlos)

    • Pride UBC is expected to finance part of it

    • Have a $1000 budget to work with for outreach expenditures

  3. The Knoll publication (Arielle)

    • Publication funded by the Resource Groups collectively

    • Call for submissions to be sent to

    • Next edition will be published on November 15

    • Trevor Record from Ubyssey – send submissions for the Pride Ubyssey edition

  4. Gay Top Model (Daniel)

    • Pride UBC is partnering with gay top model

    • Pride sends out notifications on QTW and Gay Top Model promotes Pride

    • Would a Pride member like to coordinate events at the J lounge?

  5. Gay and Lesbian Liberation Front of Africa of Seattle update

    • Planning for a concert before November 24

    • Pride UBC is working with SJC, Access and Diversity, Africa Awareness Initiative

    • Access and Diversity inquiring about locations at the Chan Centre, old auditorium, Frederick Wood Theatre



Meeting adjourned at 12:29


Next Meeting

  • Date and time: Friday, October 29, 2010 at 2 PM (Secondary)

  • Location: SUB 245C

  • Agenda: None

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