Pride Minutes

Exec Meeting

Monday, October 24, 2011

4:00 PM - 4:43 PM


Pride UBC Exec Meeting October 24th, 2011

·         Last Meeting Minutes

o   Unanimous ratification of minutes

·         Elections

o   None

·         IAC Collaboration

o   In favour of keeping the event on, see how it goes and make a move from there.

·         Amanda’s Pitch

o   Representing the UBC Free Thinkers Club, president, and a member of Pride, lecture in spring and work with Secular Student Alliance, a particular speaker might be of interest with Pride UBC. Ted Cox – undercover journalist , ex-mormon, goes to Christian gay to straight camps. Funding – work with Secular Student Alliance, will be helping, asking for an honorarium of $100

o   Co-sponsering, help with marketing. Pride would only have to  design a poster and make posters.

o   March 15th, would like to charge for the event, to be able to pay the honorarium, can discuss it later.

o   Topic: his specific experiences, can talk about a few different things, prominent Athiest, focusing on one that is more of an interest between both groups.

o   Unanimous to postpone voting until we have more information, such as an abstract for Ted Cox.

·         Social Coordinator Report

o   B!!r Garden coming up, Halloween Themed, pumpkin carving prior/apple decorating/bobbing by the first year reps. 5- 8 Pumpkins, 8 – 12 B!!r Garden

o   Seamus and Rebecca, Lori and Megan will have a regular meeting from 1-2 on Mondays in the Pride Office

·         Sex With Your Advisor

o   Like Queeries, but more straight, usually have one gay panelist, want us to be there! We are giving it a go, people to table. In the Totem Ball Room, 7:15 – 9:30 tomorrow, but give Richard an email if you want to go by.

·         AMS Money Problems

o   See if we can get our money back!

·         Meeting Adjourned at 4:43 PM