Pride Minutes

Exec Meeting

Monday, October 18, 200

12:03 PM, SUB 211


In attendance: Abby, Alejandro, Aria, Carlos, Cindy, Daniel, JJ, Kendall, Kevin, Leo, Lesley, Martina, Richard, Seamus



  1. All-ages event results

  2. Upcoming events

  3. Positive Space training: October 29 and November 5

  4. Seamus steps down as co-social coordinator

  5. Vote in new executive member (Aria for social coordinator)

  6. Off-campus events (Cindy)

  7. Group facilitation workshop feedback

  8. CampOUT collaboration

  9. Destination Snow promotion

  10. Gay and Lesbian Liberation Front of Africa of Seattle update

  11. Last minute notes


Action items

  • Aria voted in as new social coordinator



  1. All-ages event results

    • Was not as well-attended as it was hope to be.

    • Notes for future events:

      • Send invitations and facebook event at least one week in advance. Email listserv a few days before the event.

      • Posters put up the week of the event.

      • Social coordinator must write and send event information to communications coordinator that will appear on the facebook event, website and email.

  2. Upcoming events

    • November 10 - Resource Groups open house

    • November 19 – Trans Remembrance Days

      • Speakers will be in SUB 205, dance will be in SUB 207/209

  3. Positive Space training: October 29 and November 5

    • Will be in SUB 42U from 1-3 PM

  4. Seamus steps down as co-social coordinator

    • Seamus comments that it is difficult to divide time between non-Pride UBC obligations, GLOW and co-social coordinator duties. Would prefer to focus on coordinating recreational events and have a third social coordinator.

    • Daniel comments that adding a third social coordinator would dilute the position and recreational events do not necessarily have to be coordinated by a social coordinator.

    • Seamus steps down as social coordinator.

    • Aria has expressed interest in being social coordinator.

  5. Vote in new executive member

    • Social Coordinator

      • Aria: Kendall nominates, Daniel seconds

        • 12 approved, 0 opposed, 0 abstained

        • Seamus to forward continuity report to Aria

  6. Off-campus events (Cindy)

    • Anyone can plan impromptu events as long as it there is no political affiliation, because all exec members have access to the Pride mailing list.

  7. Group facilitation workshop feedback

    • Most attendees found the discussion valuable. Robin and Darren from Qmunity and HIM are interested in running another facilitation workshop during second term.

    • Remember to submit feedback sheets to Daniel.

  8. CampOUT collaboration

    • CampOUT is a queer youth camp similar to camp Firefly spearheaded by Janet from UBC Access and Diversity

    • November 3 – volunteer appreciation dinner

    • CampOUT is interested in further collaborations with Pride UBC

    • Also interested in having 10 people from Pride help with youth leader selection and planning

    • Possibly have a Pride member seated at the Community Advisory Committee

      • More details will be sent

  9. Destination Snow promotion

    • Early bird prices will be promoted until the end of the month

  10. Gay and Lesbian Liberation Front of Africa of Seattle update

    • Emails already sent out to possible collaborators

    • Send us ideas for locations

  11. Last minute notes

    • QT: the room in Irving K will be unable next week. Relocate to the Resource groups area. QT will be showing a movie.

      • Aria has a projector

      • Kevin will inquire with Speakeasy or AMS about a projector sheet

  12. Feedback for exec retreat: less administrative business and more familiarization with other exec members would be preferable.

  13. Carlos and Octavio will be working on World AIDS day events


Meeting adjourned at 12:37 PM


Next Meeting

  • Date and time: Friday, October 22, 2010 at 12:00 PM (Secondary)

  • Location: SUB 245C

  • Agenda:

    • None.