Pride Minutes

Exec Meeting

Friday, October 1, 2010

12:06 PM, SUB 245C


In attendance: Allen, Daniel, Beaner, Kendall, Kevin, Andrew, Nabil, Octavio,



  1. All-ages event, October 8

  2. Gay and Lesbian Liberation Front of Africa of Seattle

  3. Trans Day of Remembrance

  4. Vote in exec

  5. Outweek

  6. Conflict resolution (Daniel)

  7. Bookings

Action items

  • Outreach co-coordinator voted in



  1. All-ages event, October 8

    • Note: Allen would like to recognize how awesome Nabil’s pants are

    • Must decide on a DJ because Kendall will not be present on October 8. May need to find a paid DJ

    • Volunteers list must be sent out. Add to agenda for next meeting

  2. Gay and Lesbian Liberation Front of Africa of Seattle

    • Daniel is in correspondence with the GLLFA of Seattle. The founder, a musician, is interested in collaborating with Pride UBC and other UBC groups to organize a concert fundraiser.

      • Planning on November

      • Funding is uncertain. May approach Access and Diversity, RGAC and AMS

      • Location uncertain. Look into old auditorium or life sciences atrium

  3. Trans Day of Remembrance

    • Must push advertisement this year

    • Organize allies workshop and a small budget for party items

    • Approach RGAC for funding to pay speakers

  4. Vote in exec

    • Octavio for Outreach Coordinator

      • Daniel firsted, Beaner seconded

      • 6 approved, 0 opposed, 1 abstained (Note: Kevin)

  5. Outweek

    • Stress cross-promotion with V-Day

    • Nabil will be spearheading the bash

    • Andrew will strike a committee on Friday, 3-4 PM

  6. Conflict resolution (Daniel)

    • Daniel: apologized for the meeting on Monday, September 27 regarding the Political Coordinator getting too personal. Feedback regarding this issue is encouraged.

  7. Bookings

    • October 29 – Halloween beer garden

    • November 19 – Trans Day of Remembrance

    • January 14 or 21 – beer garden

    • January 28 – possible all-ages event

    • February – Outweek

    • March 11 or 4 – beer garden

    • April 1 or 7 – beer garden


Meeting adjourned at 12:48 PM


Next Meeting

  • Date and time: Monday October 4, 2010

  • Location: SUB 211

  • Agenda: All ages event, October 8

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