Pride Minutes

Exec Meeting

Monday, November 7, 2011

4:00 PM - 4:59 PM


In Attendance: Abi, Adrian, Simon, Cindy, Seamus, Emma, Richard, Jim

-Safe Space/Check in

-Go over last week's meeting minutes
All vote to push back voting in last weeks minutes until we have them next.

-Approve agenda (last chance to add to the agenda)
Seamus adds trans day remembrance, Adrian adds art for out week.
Seamus opposes agenda, all others approve

Admin Reports:

RGAC Treasurer information

Abi explains poor condition of office. She then explains about spray painting, and that it should not be done as the office isn't ventilated. Abi then explains about new organizational folders in the office. Cindy says that resource group treasurer honorarium may increase from $500 to $1,000. She wants to know what Pride UBC's stance on the increase is. She explains how many hours she has been putting in, and how the honorarium will be decided before we know if she runs for/gets the permanent position. 4 out of 6 resource groups have voted yes. All but Cindy vote in favor of $1,000 being written down provisionally, but reserving the right to vote against the draft of the new constitution. Cindy abstains.

We talk extensively about the Outreach Co-ordinator Position. Simon says he'll run next Monday if nobody else is interested. We agree that we'll mention the positions at each discussion group this week.

Film Night collaboration
The indri movie people (unofficial title as they are not an actual group) want to show the Film 'Heartbreaks open' and want $120 - Cost to bring Samonte Cruz to the film night
$50 - Cost to rent the projector and DVD player from Rhizome
$75 - Cost to buy small gifts for presenters and facilitator
$20 - Printings of posters
People agree that this is a lot of money for this event, and there is not enough notice (event meant to be on Sat Nov 12th). This goes against the 2 weeks notice we agreed on fore events recently. Cindy suggests putting up guidelines online for organizations to go about making events with us.  
We resolve to tell them that we weren't given enough notice. All vote against giving them money, 6 vote to advertise for them, 2 abstain.

Women's and Gender Studies Undergraduate Student Association Request for funding
Cindy and Abi say they have enough potential monetary support, so pride doesn't need to help them with funding. State that we can show our support by attending events. Carven wanted it stated that the F word people were disorganized last year. Abi will email to say pride currently has no funding application.

New business

Trans day remembrance:
Seamus explains what the day is. Abi says a historical problem is people misinterpreting it as a 'gender' beer garden'. Cinema and Politica will call Seamus on thursday. There will no alcohol, all ages. Seamus says they will be meeting people during the week, and may have a schedule by the end of the week.  

Ted and Adrian met with a person from the equity office, explains that the idea of the event is for queer related art/gender and sexuality related expression. Jim says that last year we had a problem filling the Ubyseey with poems etc. Richard suggests asking local queer artists instead of local students. Cindy says that since we're toning down the bash this year, we may have more funds to secure more pieces, possibly use as a prize. Concerns as to whether or not we could fill the room.

Check out
All agree to adjourn the meeting.