Pride Minutes

Exec Meeting

Monday, November 29, 2010

12:01 PM, SUB 211


In attendance: Abby, Cindy, Daniel, Kendall, Kevin, Lesley, Richard, RJ, Seamus



  1. Petition to AMS Council

  2. Vagasquerade

  3. FLOW

  4. On the QT

  5. Poster Board

  6. Notes


Action items

  • None



  1. Petition to AMS Council

    • A petition from SJC will be available in the Pride office for signing, but Pride UBC is not officially backing the demands.

    • Signateurs support the unfreezing of donations from SJC to SPHR for the Canadian Boat to Gaza and also demand an apology from AMS President Ahmadian for “[interfering] in resource groups affairs while neglecting due process.”

    • Seamus (GLOW): While we should stand in solidarity with the SJC it is still a controversial donation and it is student money, so maybe a fundraiser should have been better than a $700 donation.

    • Abby (QT): It would be in Pride’s best interest to keep our issues closer to home. We would also feel more comfortable if the individual issues were available in separate petitions. Our main concern is that Ahmadian is breaking AMS code and threatening Resource Groups autonomy, not that SJC should be able to donate to SPHR.

    • Cindy (FLOW): Agrees that it isn’t the best idea to have all of the issues in the same petition when they can be seen as separate matters.

    • SJC is making the donation the biggest issue when instead, we should be focusing on the threat to RGAC autonomy. It seems that IAC is making the political aspect the largest component of their argument and focusing on that will only exacerbate the issue.

    • Cindy: is AMS council splitting the issues?

      • Still unsure. AMS is looking for legal counsel and if worse comes to worse, the issue may be left unresolved until next term.

  2. Vagasquerade

    • Join the Facebook group and volunteer list.

    • Selling merchandise, vagina kissing booth, Italian soda bar, games and dance.

    • Find out who has the poster graphics so a banner can be added to the website.

  3. FLOW

    • Having the meeting from 1 to 2 PM works for quite a few people, but still not sure about current attendees.

    • If meeting time remains from 12 to 1 PM then another FLOW co-coordinator is required.

  4. On the QT

    • It would be better if the meeting was held in a larger, more open room and possibly a second smaller room nearby for On the DL.

    • A SUB room will be considered.

  5. Poster Board (Dan)

    • Thanks Richard for absolutely fabulous new poster board!

    • Richard might take it apart and splatter paint on the back.

  6. Notes

    • Seamus got home at 4 am after Queer Bash

    • Cindy has AN ACTUAL DATE!


Meeting adjourned at 12:32


Next Meeting

  • Date and time: Friday, December 3, 2010 at 2 PM

  • Location:  SUB 245C

  • Agenda: None