In attendance: Allen, Andrew, Daniel, Kendall, Kevin, Martina, Richard E.



  1. Bookings for Outweek

  2. Friday’s beer garden

  3. Continuity reports

  4. Gay and Lesbian Liberation front of Africa of Seattle

  5. Outweek

Action items

  • None



  1. Bookings for Outweek

    • Party room and ballroom are still unavailable on weeknights excluding the bash

    • Kendall will try to work something out for bookings

    • Tuesday: need the room for four hours for Positive Space training session

    • YouthCO would also like to collaborate on Outweek

  2. Friday’s  beer garden

    • Allen: beer garden has not been promoted enough. Lack of postering

    • Suggestion: start promotions two week in advance

    • Open up communication between social coordinators and publicity coordinator

    • A checklist of tasks for all social events would be very helpful

  3. Continuity reports

    • Keep future reports on a Google doc accessible to all exec members

    • Possibly post a simplified version of each position on the website

  4. Gay and Lesbian Liberation Front of Africa of Seattle

    • Africa Awareness Iniative, Colour Connected, SJC and Access & Diversity are on board as co-sponsors

    • Next term during Outweek: Thursday night before the bash

    • Access and Diversity is still looking for a venue

    • Selling tickets: proceeds will go to a charity

    • Prices: may consider a sliding scale

  5. Outweek

    • Academic Panel: call has gone out, but may have too many applicants within a two hour limit. Posters can be displayed by anyone who was unable to present during the academic panel at the wine and cheese.

    • Tickets: physical tickets should be sold for the entire month of January by all exec members. Physical tickets will give us a more accurate headcount. Possibly have a joint ticket booklet for both the wine and cheese and bash for $12.

    • $8 early tickets. $10 the night of the bash.

    • Timeline: helpful to have a timeline of what tasks should be finished by when to keep us on track.

    • Promotions: separate posters, emails and event promotion for the entire week. The full program will also be in the Pride Ubyssey edition.

    • AMS Catering: Allen is able to take care of catering and negotiate a discount. Nabil can organize the rest of the bash. Will consider paying Angie to make desserts for the bash.

    • Wine and Cheese: cash bar. Tickets for $5 including one free drink. All-ages event will happen at the same time as the wine and cheese ($100 for pizza).

    • Donations:Martina has a list of donors who might be interested in donating prizes. Also looking for water bottle donations.

    • Budget: at least $3000.

    • Final notes: a local film will be proposed for the film viewing. Outweek will have a 20’s style theme/Moulin Rouge, but it’s still in the brainstorming stage. Feedback would be appreciated!


Meeting adjourned at 2:45 PM


Next Meeting

  • Date and time: Monday, November 22, 2010 at 12 PM

  • Location:  SUB 211

  • Agenda:

    1. Beer Garden Results

    2. Establishing open dialogue within exec members

    3. Discussion on exec meeting format

    4. RGAC issues

    5. Social coordinator checklist

    6. VPD (Ryan)