2010 Annual General Meeting

March 28, 2010

Attendance: Seamus, Jinn, JJ, Simon, Dan, Kendall, Nabil, Keith, Allen, Allie, Hélène, Angie, Cindy, Cole, Grae, Kevin, Matthew, Tom, Mallaz, Alice

Proxies: Kevin for Chris and Cole for Grae (after Grae left)

20 people voting in total (Alice arrived late so 19 people voting until election of new exec)

1.    Vote to approve the agenda

Agenda approved: unanimous (19 in favor)


2.       Vote to approve the minutes of the last Sessional Collective Meeting

Minutes approved: 18 in favor, 1 abstention


3.       Vote on By-laws amendment (gender diversity)


Amendment(s) proposed are as follows:


One addition:

3.4 Pride UBC shall strive to represent gender diversity not limited to the gender binary within the members of the Executive Council.


+ one deletion:

4.3.1 The Co-chairperson shall be one who has at least one year’s worth of experience as a member of the Pride UBC Executive Council. (deleting: The intention is that one Co-chairperson shall self-identify as female or transgendered and one shall self-identify as male or transgendered.)



After discussion, wording for proposed addition is changed to the following:


   3.4 Pride UBC shall strive to represent gender diversity and diversity in all forms within the members of the Executive Council.


Change of wording passes: 17 for, 1 against, 1 abstention


Deletion is approved: 16 for, 3 abstentions


Amendment to the by-laws also approved: 14 for, 3 against, 2 abstentions



4.       Election of new executive


Results of the elections below:










































5.    Year in Review (comments and ideas from people on how Pride was run this year and what we can improve for next year)



  • Good year, good to see lots of new people getting involved in the organization.  

  • On Discussion Groups: Hopefully next year we can keep up the good attendance for QT (and other discussion groups) throughout the year. Discussion groups could try and coordinate the topics they’re doing so as not to have repeats but also bounce ideas off of each other. Sending out a message with this week's topic was successful to boost attendance at the end of the year - this is something that the facilitators should keep up. On the note of facilitation, all discussion groups coordinators should go through a facilitation training, as mandated per the constitution. Since AMS doesn't offer that training anymore, we should look for alternatives (maybe Faculty of Ed?). See note on temp positions for idea that we should encourage discussion group participants to use reusable plates/cups.

  • Outreach: More could be done to get the First Years involved. As well grad students. Really we should try to create more of a presence on campus for that people know who we are. Let's be more aggressive about recruiting people! (In a not creepy way.)




  • Pride Ubyssey: Got a lot of very good feedback, which is awesome. Much better than last year. To the next Pride Ubyssey Coordinator: start early – as early as possible.

  • Treasurer: reports that we didn’t spend more than what we had, and still have some money to spend.

  • Resource Groups and collaboration with other groups: Even more collaboration between the Resource Groups would be good. Working with other groups that are struggling would help make other groups more active. Collaboration with other groups is really great – one of our best events was in collaboration with another group. Outreach across the campus would help bring in new membersWe’re still missing an Outweek coordinator – this is something important to think about because it’s a big position.

  • Communication: It would be good to make meeting minutes more available so that people who can't attend the weekly exec meeting can easily stay in the loop. Let's be proactive about sharing these minutes rather than expect that people will have to make the effort if they want to find out.

  • Also remember to check in with the group as a whole when you want to implement a new idea or project. Not only is it important that the exec know what's going on and how Pride's name is being used, but it's also better for Pride to know so that our resources are not divided and so that you can be provided with support to carry out your idea.


  • Temp exec positions: Bi-weekly Gaymes Night was an amazing idea. It's great to make room for people to take on their own projects based on their own interests and availability. Sustainability Coordinators: would be great to have that again. Not only is it a good idea in itself, but also the AMS mandates it for its clubs so it's good to follow their lead and live up to the expectations that they have for their member organizations. A good idea to continue to try and implement is to have all discussion groups use reusable cups and plates.

  • Inclusive space: As we move forward, it's important to strive to be inclusive. It's sometimes easy to forget some groups when they're not there to represent themselves, be it in terms of gender, social class, race/ethnicity, ability, etc. Future exec should brainstorm and think about concrete ways that they can make sure everyone feels welcome even if the executive doesn't necessarily represent the diversity that Pride stands for (for example in terms of gender in the upcoming exec). The idea is not that we need strict equality in the exec and have a representative from every group, which would encourage tokenism more than anything else. Instead we should strive to concretely include all groups continually, and question ourselves if some groups are constantly under-represented.

  • Interaction with AMS: It would be great if we could start having a more sustained relationship with the AMS. This way we can have input along the process (rather than find out at the end that we're displeased by their choices) and also when they do things that we disagree with because they go against what we stand for, it's easier to show up and engage them if they already know who we are. In the upcoming year it's going to be very important to keep in touch with what is happening in the AMS. There are a lot of cuts to social programs that may affect us and our constituents, directly or indirectly, and we should think about ways in which we can remain vigilant. Equity Training in particular is one program that might be challenged and it's a program that's extremely important to what Pride represents and the awareness that we should strive to build on campus. Pride is not just about social events. (Note: Allen will be involved as grad rep in the AMS next year so it's one way in which we can keep a presence.)

  • Outweek: Really great line-up of events this year. Too bad the turn-out wasn't always the best - it's partly timing that didn't quite work out but we should make even more of an effort to advertise in lots of ways around campus for that week. Emphasize word of mouth? It's also one position where it's really important to have reliable contributors; although this is a volunteer job, this is one of our most visible times on campus and if you step up to help with this position, you are accepting that responsibility.

  • Fundraising: sorry it wasn't more successful.

  • Social events: really great improvement this year, with an event every month during the first term. Plus we didn't lose too much money each time! Second term wasn't as packed but still successful, and we still have a beer garden coming up in collaboration with the Resource Groups. The hope is to do a weekly coffee thing over the summer to keep Pride going a little bit, and of course we'll have to organize the Pride Parade. Also there's an idea to participate in Imagine Day as a fake Mug group, going in drag, but in a way that would be inclusive of everyone and not just for shock value.

  • Doing the exec retreat before school gets started was a great idea. It's really important to try and keep the energy going throughout the year - this year the second term was a little less successful in that sense, with also communication not being as efficient. Maybe a 2nd exec meeting every week could be good in order to accommodate people who can't make the first one.

  • Remember to read the constitution and check what your duties are.


We’re still missing an Outweek coordinator – this is something important to think about because it’s a big position.