Pride Minutes

Exec Meeting

Friday, March 2, 2012

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Safe Space/Check in
Richard, Abi, Cindy, Helene, Jim, Bez, Seamus, Ted, Rebecca, Trevor, Joseph (1st meeting)


Approve last weeks minutes
Simon is in Las Vegas, so no minutes from last meeting.


Approve agenda (last chance to add to the agenda)
all vote to approve


Admin Reports
Constitutional Amendment Meeting:
Richard/Abi: We finished rewriting, and have an outline for restructuring, fixed grammatical errors, we still need to add new sections, and then we'll send it out. There will be a sessional collective meeting to vote on it, which might not be same meeting as the AGM, due to time constraints.

Cindy: will we have a preliminary suggestion-getting phase when everyone gets to read revisions?

Richard: yes

AGM: the big election meeting (also technically a sessional collective meeting)

Think about what position(s) you're interested in, also fill out the doodle.
There have been concerns on the 2-5pm time slot. People don't want to change it, so we stay. 14 people have answered the doodle and it looks like march 25 is the best day.

Nominations open now: write up a blurb and send it to

When do we want to post blurbs on website? a week in advance.


Transition reports:
have them in by the AGM. We'd also like people to shadow.

Seamus: if you want to be so-co, contact him for shadowing purposes.


Social coordinator Updates

sisters of perpetual indulgence: march 23, film on queer homelessness,
games in sub, conversation pit by bagel place
storm the wall: contact Seamus if you want to get involved next week: friday, all ages event, pizza, ice cream, music dress up/drag stuff (fb group pending) beer garden: march 16, wizard of oz and leprechauns, still open to names, Seamus and Ted will talk posters.


lack of execs volunteering for events particularly an issue at bash - let's fix that!
Cindy: code of conduct at events would be nice (safe space, taking photographs, etc) Richard: add to constitution? Cindy: not needed, just something to post on the wall.
Abi: we should be invested in these events, and feel ownership of them.
Seamus: pre-drinking is also disrespectful and inconsiderate of the events coordinators.


Outweek Wrap-up
Richard: what did we think of outweek?
Seamus: improvement from last year,
Richard: amount of events was good,
Helene: flyer was amazing,
Seamus: publicity was great.


Suggestions for Improvement?:
Room booking on leaflet, and getting schedule done way in advance,
Cindy: get outweek into ams agenda.
Jim: different week next year? Richard: meeting with booking person - 2 weeks before reading break would be better.
Continuity report: add lots of details, have deadlines,
Cindy: library should be better advertised next year


Cindy: get outweek receipts in! We're over budget and will be asking the RGAC for funding.
Seamus: Aria: $30 honorarium (Ted sends Cindy who gets honorariums and how much


New Business:

Queer U:
went really well, lots of people, good feedback
incident during reception: 2 people set off a silent alarum by going into an unlocked room, campus security came and found them in the room with wine (violates liquer licence). cs said not a big deal, but they spoke to liu, liu freaked out. at this point liu has responded and everything has been resolved. minimal consequences for pride, but we should keep record.
Ask Helene if you have questions.
Helene will put abstracts on website. Ted: are there recordings? Helene: copyright issues, so no, but contact people individually.


Out in Academia: march 23, 4:30-6ish
Helene: Sorry for not giving any warning about this, but it's happening.
Inviting 5 profs from dif departments who are queer/trans identified. talking in a panel setting about experiences in academia. open to everyone.
Room bookings: take to richard. Buchannon room would be nice, larger room, Richard and Seamus will deal with that.
publicity: talk to ted/adrian asap, make fb group asap.


Our City of colours
Richard: did we vote on whether we would give them money? we don't remember, and didn't approve it, we don't have a full breakdown of their cost. Trevor: can do that. Cindy will send form to Trevor, and we'll vote on it then

Free thinkers event
Thursday 16th (conflicts with story time :P), we're choosing event - reporter went through an ex-gay ministry under cover, and he's talking about it. We'll get Amanda to send info.
Richard will figure out what's up with poster for this event.

Check out