Pride Minutes

Exec Meeting

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Check in Q: Best reason to skip a class.
Richard (needs to buy tweezers),  Ema (Hasn’t skipped class),  Bez (Ban bottled water on campus), Cindy (), Joseph (woke up at 1), Jim, Abi (busy puking), Helene (Had to go to a big party), Trevor (It was raining too hard), Simon (coughing too much), Adrian (study for another class), Seamus (Has not water-proof shoes)

Minutes approved
All approve except Cindy

1. Safe Space/Check in
2. Go over last meeting’s minutes
3. Approve agenda (last chance to add to the agenda)
4. Admin reports: AGM, Clean office.
5. Upcoming events (Beer garden, free thinkers, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence)
6. New business
** Vanier Queeries
** Out comes of VPS impeachment meeting Sunday
7. Check out

Today’s agenda approved unanimously.

Roundtable room booked.
Nominations not necessary, but needed for proxy voting
Proxy procedure: Write piece of paper with name of nominee, position, yes or no, and signature.

Office Cleaning
Richard almost closed office for the day because of the uncleanliness.
MESSAGE: we are not cleaning after ourselves, not fair to clean after other people.

Our City of Colours
Issues with who is sending grant applications.
Issue resolved, to be returned withing next couple of weeks.

Anyone who submitted receipts by today have been picked up.

- Pride UBC approves a $100 honorarium for Murray Schellenberg for running a dance workshop for Pride's Outweek event.
- Pride UBC approves a $50 honorarium, to be given to Wesley Krauss, for his band's performance at the Outweek Bash event.
- Pride UBC approves a $15 honorarium for Kendall Moraski for his drag performance at the Outweek Bash event.
- Pride UBC approves a $30 honorarium for Aria Cheng, for her service as a DJ at the Outweek Bash event.

Cindy asks and receives general agreement on the aforementioned honorariums

What I learned at straight camp. Happening Thursday.

Beer Garden
Happening Friday. Wizard of Oz theme. 3 dollar cover, Rebecca will be sending our reminder email about volunteers. Issue with posters. need to add date and place.

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Nun drag performers will be showing film on queer homelessness. Proposed date is 5th of April, date problematic because of finals. Another date is March 23, it might conflict a little with Out in Academia but there is no time overlap.

Event at Cheese
We need to talk about that. Richard thinks that we need to wait on Cindy’s report to check if we have money to do it. Seamus want to make it an all ages event, bbq type of event. Has capacity to hold about 200 people. Richard thinks we should charge about 3 dollar admission. Simon thinks free admission would be more desirable.

Vanier Queries
Any new developments? Back and forth confirmation emails. Need a representative panel, about 4 people. Abi and Seamus volunteer to be on panel. If anyone else wants to be on panel, talk to Simon or Richard.

Meeting adjourned.