Pride Minutes

Exec Meeting

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Check in: Richard, simon, seamus, bez, cindy, geisha fan, helen, matt parson, ema, adrian, abi, aria

Go over last weeks meeting minutes 

-Approve agenda (last chance to add to the agenda)

all approve

Matt Parson: Queer housing feasibility report

tells us the reason the checkbox hasnt been brought on is because it has never been thought of, and they are open to amending it. theyre trying to act as quickly as possibe. abi asks if he wants someone from pride to help him. 

-Admin Reports

abi has been in contact with QMUNITY and Ann-Marie about training, and has started planning for next years training, and asks if anyone wants to help schedule major events for next year. richard, cindy and adrian volunteer. 

-Constitutional amendment meeting: Sunday the 26 feb: everyone seems to be available sunday 26th

-Positive space: fill out doodle!!!! may make it wed feb 29th, 3-6 pm 

-Outweek: push the website, push Facebook, put up posters. adrian tells us that aria has the schedule up, posters are ready to go, says we need volunteers to "patrol" the open library, and to help with the bash eg taking tickets. all ages event (no alcohol). queeries will be held at on the qt. helene says that she probably needs volunteers for queer u, and that there will be no need for security at the wine and cheese event. aria suggests making a volunteer list. cindy asks if they need the cheque for queer u ahead of time, helene says that would be preferable. all approve this, helene abstains. adrian asks what we think would be a suitable honorarium for the band at. 

-New business

-Sisters of perpetual indugence

tells us the society emerged out of the AIDS epidemic in san francisco, primarily visiting people who were dying. starts to tell us about tenting for homelessness, which fundraises for homeless LGBTQ youth. this year, they want to do one on ubc with a film screening. having some activities in the sub, and a panel discussion too. looking at a time between out week and finals, probably friday or saturday. seamus suggests the same night as the beer garden before st patrick's day. adrian asks about the religious parallel of the group. geisha fan says theyre not trying to insult religious people, but that they try not to take things to seriously. 9 in favour, 2 oppossed. 

Ema and Aria: Website and social media update and orientation. ema tells us about tumblr, and twitter, asks what we want to go out on them. asks if we should all have the password, or just forward stuff to her. aria tells us that the housing form we used to have is now broken, out week stuff is up, suggests using google doc for the agenda and QTW. 

Abi: Ally Training update

Bez and Richard: Publication stuff: bez tells us aout the stunt committee. 

-Check out