Pride Minutes

Exec Meeting

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM



-Safe Space/Check in

Richard, Simon, Abi, Adrian, Baz, Jim, Cindy, Helene, Trevor, Murdock, Ema, Seamus, Carven, Mike Sullet, Michael Kushnir.

-Go over last weeks meeting minutes

All active members vote to approve agenda. Baz, mike and Michale are not active members.

-Approve agenda (last chance to add to the agenda)

All vote to approve agenda

-Admin Reports

-Stuff in the RGAC: Leftover RGAC stuff needs to be looked through and see what we can give away over the next week.

      -Ally training - do it again so others can come? We decide not to ask them back, but to look at other avenues to offer alternative ally training. All vote in favor of this.

      -Office Cleanliness: Keep the office clean! Items left longer than two weeks may be thrown out.

      Treasurer: Cindy says that we're on track for office supplies. Outreach still has over $1,000 to spend. Discussion groups are under budget. All ages are $250 under budget. B!!r gardens about broke even, but we cut costs (last semester). 

      -Vancouver Pride society meeting: Carven tells us that ray lam is interested in speaking to pride on issues of representation, and wants to run for president of the VPS.

      -Positive space

      -Outweek (time to publicize the schedule and start making buzz… let's put it on the website): Adrian tells us everything is going to plan. Simon tells us about the organizations he has contacted. Murdock says that he's concerned about the Ubyseey publishing for out week, in that it doesn't seem to have taken of, Mike says we can get a free radio announcement every few hours up until out week.

      -Queer U: Helene tells us that Queer U is trying to make an all day event out of an afternoon event on the same budget, and is about 600 short, so is looking for money from outreach. Since we have about $2,000 for out reach, All vote in favor, bar helene, who abstains. 

-Michael Kushnir endorsement for the LGBTQ advisory committee: tells us he served on pride a few years ago. in human geo at ubc. councillor  on ams council. Seeking nomination to be on Vancouver City LGBT committee. not looking for endorsement, we can nominate other people too. All but three vote to approve him.

-Election (Outreach): Baz tells us she is in her lgbt in england, and on the welfare team. she likes the idea of outreach/publicity. she likes the idea of contemporary marketing. abi asks what ideas she has, baz lists a few ideas like leaving origami, leaflets etc around. All vote to approve her.

-Constitutional amendment meeting: doodle sent out

-New business

      -story time: approved to replace totally queer thursdays

      -website front page (Aria): deciding on how to revive the blog. people discussing twitter and tumblr.

      -Greg Williams pitch for AMS: from sjc, running for ubc student legal fund. not university or ams. provides legal resources for students.

      -Mike and carven speak on AMS: mike has been involved in pride, is running for board of governors is the highest governing body of ubc. carven tells us that he's been busy preparing for his campaign. running for vp academic. 5 abstentions, Ema noted, 6 opposed.

      -B!!r Garden: we have our own cash box now.

      -Vancouver School Board

-Check out