Pride Minutes

Exec Meeting

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Cindy says that anyone waiting for reimbursements can find them in the office. Abi
wants people to attend the Van Pride Society annual general meeting. Nobody ran
for election. Seamus ran us through the b!!r garden plans. Seamus suggests doing the
entire constitutional amendment in one day. We haven't decided on that yet. Abi runs us
through positive space training. wed 3-5 is most popular, and we'll do it twice. Ted runs
us through all the details of outweek. we discuss the sisters of perpetual indulgence and
do not reach a decision on whether or not to work with them. We discuss the on the QT
guest speaker and agree on an $80 honorarium. We also agree that the free thinkers need
to apply for an honorarium.
Link to sisters of perpetual indulgence website:

-Safe Space/Check in
abi, richard, simon, ted, ema, murdoch, aria, seamus, trevor, adrian, jen, cindy
-Go over last weeks meeting minutes
no meeting last week
-Approve agenda (last chance to add to
the agenda)
all vote to approve agenda
Cindy tells us that any reimbursements from last year should be in the office.
-Admin Reports:
-annual general meeting of vas
-Abi Stuff
abi tells us that there are a lot of different groups on campus that want to coordinate with
us. The annual VPS (Vancouver Pride Society) is coming up, and it's having their annual
general meeting and want to hear from other groups, and want us to attend. Go to abi for
more info.
-Election (Outreach, FLOW)
nobody volunteers to run
-B!!R Garden (as well as next beer garden)
seamus tells us about the beer garden on next friday. no major news, just encouraging
people to come and tell their friends. turnout is looking good. he wants to spend a lot of
time on decorations for the event (apocalypse themed). discusses the possibility of a fog
machine, will look into a price range.
-Constitutional amendment meeting
seamus has suggested getting the constitution amended in one go, as opposed to regular
meetings. should be hosted in the resource group centre. doodle will be sent around.
-Positive space: wed 3-6, fri 12-2
abi has been in contact with anne-marie and david, anne-marie has given us times: tues-
fri in jan during the "normal work week". we need to have either a 3.5hr block or 2 2hr
blocks. wed 3-5, fri 12-2 are slots that many people can make. wed 3-5 is most popular,
and we'll do it twice.
ted tells us that out week will be a week and a half, finishing with queer-u. few things are
still up in the air e.g. art gallery. schedule has been sent to simon, we may put it in QTW.

adrian suggests people sign up for events they would be willing to help coordinate. ted
also says that they have a booking schedule for richard. they've been in touch with sarah
re: posters, sarah says she is available but would appreciate help from them, which they
are ok with. ted explains that for the ubysee, they have about 5 stories to submit so far.
theme is political, for the bash it is prom themed. budget is 19.95 per person for 35
people for dinner. total would be $989. dinner tickets proposed to be around $7. cindy
suggests that since some discussion groups won't be on that week, so we can reallocate
some funds to other out week events.
-sisters of perpetual indulgence
seamus explains that they emailed us about wanting to an event with us during out week.
we decide to have everyone check them out and get back to it next week.
-On the QT guest speaker
we're intersted in having allyship training, and inviting the other resource groups. we
discuss the possibility of giving an honorarium, which we could apply to the rgac for.
cindy explains that honorariums are fine, just controversial when resource groups execs
get honorariums. we agree on $80. aria is noted abstention. all vote to possibly apply for
this to be reimbursed from the rgac.
-New business
-outreach honorarium
free thinkers society has to fill out a form to apply for an honorarium.
-Check out
we go around and say one thing we would like to see different this semester.
communication is a big topic. we all motion to adjourn.