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Hungry Hamper

hungry hamper.png

Photo By Marilo 

The Hungry Hamper is a service provided by the UBC Pride Collective that is there to make sure people have enough to eat, which means having access to not just food, but nutritious food.

According to Statistics Canada 40% of students don’t have secure access to food, a rate that’s even higher among marginalized groups.

The Hungry Hamper aims to focus marginalized groups, specifically 2SLGBTQ+ so that they can access food in a safe, comfortable way. But like the rest of The Pride Collective, it is open to all!

So how does The Hungry Hamper work?

Located in the Pride Lounge,
-You simply take what you need as you need it!
-And if you have any unopened non-perishable goods to donate, drop them off!

(Send us on instagram, discord or using our email if there are any items you want to see in the Hamper)

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