More Info on Pride's Structure

Associate, Collective, or Appointed?


Associate members are pretty much any human ever. This is the default membership of anyone on earth - associate members have access to our lounge space during open hours, can show up to our General and Committee meetings, and can contribute to meetings and add agenda items. 



Collective members are responsible for upholding the vision, points of unity, objectives and principles of the Pride Collective and the Resource Group points of unity. Collective members attend General and/or Committee meetings on a regular basis. Collective members are responsible for appointing members to committees in General Meetings via votes, taking part in discussions on developing policies, ensuring committees are active, and being accountable for the activities of all of Pride's bodies. Collective members are the central body of Pride!



Appointed members are the coordinators of each committee. These folks are appointed by a vote at General Meetings - usually at our AGM (Annual General Meeting). They feel prepared to take on specific commitments, and are responsible for chairing, organizing, facilitating, and coordinating in their committee when applicable.



  1.  At the end of the academic year when we do a call for volunteer commitments, submit your info and the committee's questionnaire to pride. This will be posted on our Facebook page, keep an eye out!

  2.  Attend the AGM (Annual General Meeting) and answer a few simple questions. Collective members will then anonymously give suggestions and guidance as well as whether they feel you are a good fit.

  3.  If consensus is reached, then you are appointed and will receive the suggestions from Collective members! If there is not consensus you are welcome to continue/become a member of the committee, and you will receive constructive feedback.