Pride Minutes

Exec Meeting

Monday, February 21, 2011

12:08 PM, SUB 211


In attendance: Cindy, Daniel, Kevin, Richard, Sari, Seamus



  1. Outweek results

  2. Event brainstorming

  3. Attendance


Action items

  • Secretary: strike a committee for open house/panel event

  • Secretary: poll executive to reschedule General Collective meeting



  1. Outweek general results

    • Everybody seemed more motivated.

    • Bad timing with midterms. Is it possible to schedule Outweek for after reading break?

    • Even if we do move Outweek, every week is given to some group/faculty. If we overlap with any other “week,” SUB room bookings will be more difficult to get. We also can’t get room bookings for free anywhere else now that the GSS requires an attendance of 50% graduate students.

    • Pricing issues with the Bash.

    • Most successful, probably the wine and cheese.

    • Some exec members felt a bit disconnected from the planning process.

    • It’s possible to make the Outweek committee meetings more accessible. It doesn’t have to be an extra time commitment for the Outweek coordinators if feedback is gathered at the end of exec meetings. It could be as simple as compiling the topics discussed and sending it to the Outweek coordinators.

  2. Event brainstorming

    • Cindy (FLOW): In terms of advertising, should we be making our events more accessible? Sometimes we assume that people attending are comfortable enough or out enough that they can attend certain workshops. It could be useful to have some workshops that are more inclusive of allies or people who are just beginning to explore their identities.

    • Daniel (Co-Chair): What is the point of Outweek? The campus can be very heteronormative and homophobic, so Outweek is an opportunity for us to put on events for people who are out and we don’t have to cater to other people.

    • Cindy: I actually feel the opposite way. It’s more of an opportunity to spread awareness. We could have more variance in events and create a more relaxed environment.

    • How would the workshops be different?

    • Could be similar to Sex With Your Advisor or a wine and cheese style event/luncheon.

    • A question and answer period run by a panel of exec members could be more accessible to the general public. An open house is also a possibility.

    • Open space: smaller groups discuss any topics of interest. People are free to drift in between groups and see what interests them.

    • If this event was left until next term, it could get lost in the transition.

    • The RGAC open house was very well-attended, but a large portion of people attending was people already in the Resource Groups. How can we attract people from outside the Resource Groups and Pride?

    • An afternoon event would be more convenient for students just leaving classes.

    • Need to pick a date, time and book a room. The space should be more accommodating of smaller groups.

    • Mingle time at the beginning and discussion afterwards.

    • Could also work this into a joint all-ages/beer garden event.

    • Have a question box and panel at the beginning. This can generate questions and discussion.

    • A committee will be formed to plan the event.

  3. Attendance

    • Attendance has been steadily declining and we don’t have quorum.

    • Could request regular updates from coordinators.

    • Send out a poll to possibly reschedule the exec meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 12:50 PM


Next Meeting

  • Date and time: TBA

  • Location: TBA

  • Agenda: Open house update.