Pride Minutes

Exec Meeting

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Safe Space/Check in

richard, simon, abi, cindy, helene, jim, ema, bez, seamus

Approve last weeks minutes

all vote to approve the last 2 weeks meeting minutes, bar 2 who are not noted abstentions.

Approve agenda (last chance to add to the agenda)

all vote to approve


-Stunt Committee

bed tells us that we're doing shout outs at the housing cafeterias to announce out week. she's bought chalk for the society to help chalk the campus. tells us that she bought little flags, which should arrive in a few days. all vote to approve the human bowling, as long as we are not more liable for people's safety than we think.

Volunteer stuff

adrian tells us that office hours will be when people are expected to oversee the booth. tells us we need volunteers primarily for the bash, such as greeters, and 2 to manage sound. helene says queer you also needs volunteers. adrian suggests that volunteers get $3 off for each hour they work. all vote to work with the ams weekly bike ride during out week. adrian runs us through the open library quickly, tells us that we have the resource group area booked. we agree to meet on friday at 1pm to run over final out week details.


kendel and a band (blanket barricade) are performing at the queer prom, and both inquired about honorariums. the band asked for $50 for travel expenses. we decide that we like the idea of givingkendel a gift, but that we will look into it.

Admin Reports: Office clean up for Outweek, on sunday, richard wants to clean the office before out week. RGAC: cindy reminds us that we need to pay QMUNITY $80 for an outstanding honorarium. all vote to approve. $30 for aria for acting as DJ, and missing work because of that is approved by all. abi tells us that there is a closed Facebook event for the constitutional amendment meeting for the exec only.

positive space training: one day does not work for anne-marie, so we have to do 2 days, 29th of feb, may 7th.

Website stuff

New business

Ally Training: robin parry suggests that we come up with our own plan for ally training, and refer it back to him.

Check out