Pride Minutes

Exec Meeting

Monday, December 3, 2010

12:00 PM, SUB 211


In attendance: Andrew, Alejandro, Allen, Beaner, Carlos,  Daniel, Kendall, Kevin, Lesley, Nabil, Richard



  1. Beer garden results

  2. Vagasquerade

  3. Summary of term


  5. Queer resource list (Allen)

  6. Location changes for discussion groups

  7. New SUB concerns

  8. EUS Equity Fair

  9. Letter for Bill C-389


Action items

  • Vote to send letter in support of Bill C-389



  1. Beer garden results

    • Was better in attendance and sales than the Halloween beer garden

    • Float was $200

    • Unable to return leftover alcohol because the receipt was submitted to VP Finance for reimbursements

      • Have a second copy of the receipts in the future

      • Track the amount purchased on a sheet of paper or online document in the future

  2. Vagasquerade

    • Will be in SUB 207/209

    • The divide will be up, separating a section for dancing and a section for games, merchandise and the Italian soda bar

    • Collaborators include Allies and V-Day

  3. Summary of term

    • Beaner: feels that our demographic has shifted, especially in regards to the ratio of male to female identified bodies.

      • This issue might be out of our hands and we’re not really sure how we can increase the number of women attending events and taking exec position. Over the years there has been a considerable amount of flux.

      • Nabil: do you think the posters or any promotional activity have been geared more towards men?

      • Many women have also migrated to the Women’s Centre.

      • Might be useful to have posters for regular events (discussion groups) and pamphlets as well.

      • Richard: we could have multiple posters for the same event.

      • Allen: with the exception of certain events, we’ve had a good term. Thank you to exec and admin for keeping things running and the Outweek committee for being so on top of things.


    • The exec of SJC was found to be legitimate and operating fully under their constitution.

    • The transaction from SJC to SPHR was voted through, but is basically being frozen again so VP Finance could look into the concerns about Hamas. Once Elin has reported back, council needs to decide whether they are satisfied with the findings.

    • AMS now has a $150,000 deficit.

    • At next Wednesday’s council meeting, VP Finance will present his findings and the transaction will probably be unfrozen.

    • Big issue: RGAC is now under review by the legislative procedures committee. Worst  case scenario, this may mean that the Resource Groups will no longer have our current standing. Possible changes:

      • SJC and Allies become AMS clubs

      • Pride, the Women’s Centre and Colour Connected make up the new Resource Groups equivalent

      • SEC will become the “green arm”

      • Allen: LPC is stacked with our allies so we shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions and worst case scenarios.

        • The review itself may not be hostile and can be an opportunity for the Resource Groups to show council that we run our groups with transparency and integrity.

        • What we need to focus on is making sure the review is fair and our concerns are voiced with considerable thought and professionalism.

        • Also need to decide how the Resource Groups and Pride will approach the issue.

        • Although council has the power to decide who is and isn’t a resource group, it shouldn’t be up to them to decide who is or isn’t too political to be in the RGAC. Just be existing, Pride is already political and deeply personal.

        • May require Pride to send in financial statements and quarterly reports, which shouldn’t be a problem because transparency is always a good thing.

    • Beaner: Because Pride will be setting the standard, we need to make ourselves accessible and push for an open door policy.

      • Some resource groups only have a few exec members, so they might need some help covering office hours.

      • All groups should have a flyer up or at least a sheet to sign up for mailing lists.

      • Also do some outreach to AMs clubs and residents.

      • SJC has some window paints if anyone wants to make the office more visible.

      • Might have a met and greet just for Resource Groups exec in the second term.

  1. Queer resource list (Allen)

    • Abraham (LFF) is compiling a list of queer research resources and will be adding Pride’s website to the list.

  2. Location changes for discussion groups

    • On the QT will now be in SUB 211.

    • FLOW moved to 1-2pm in SUB 215.

  3. New SUB concerns (Beaner)

    • New SUB coordinator has contacted the RGAC and will have a meeting next Friday at 10am to discuss what the Resource Groups want for the new SUB.

    • The Pride office might be located in an area without very much foot traffic.

    • Our biggest concern is space. The intention is to have an office and a separate social space. A low traffic area is an appropriate price to pay and might even be helpful in maintaining a safe, confidential space.

  4. EUS Equity Fair

    • The EUS is having an Equity Fair on January 12 and 13 and would like Pride UBC to staff a booth from 10am to 2pm.

    • Will send out a volunteer list in January.

  5. Letter for Bill C-389

    • Ryan (Political coordinator) has drafted a letter to send in support of adding gender identity and gender expression to the list of protected classes under the Canadian Human Rights Acts and the Criminal Code of Canada.

    • Vote to send the letter:

      • 8 approved, 0 opposed, 0 abstained


Meeting adjourned at 12:40


Next Meeting

  • Date and time: Monday, January 10, 2010 at 12 PM

  • Location: SUB 211

  • Agenda: None