Welcome to Pride.


The Pride Collective is an AMS resource group that offers educational and social services dealing with sexual and gender diversity to the UBC community, including but not limited to students, staff, and faculty. Pride provides support and information to those who self identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, non-binary, two-spirit, asexual, queer, questioning, intersex, other identities, those who do not identify and allies; assists people who are coming out; supplies a forum for dialogue about sexuality and gender identity; holds social events, and educates the wider UBC community about the variation in human sexuality and gender identity. Members of the group come from diverse backgrounds and everyone is welcome regardless of sexuality or gender. Come find us in the AMS Nest, room 2103 in the Resource Groups Centre on the second floor.


As part of The Pride Collective's mission to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone at UBC, all Collective meetings operate with the safer space guidelines as listed below and in the Constitution. At each of the Pride Collective's discussion groups and relevant functions, a safer space agreement is created collectively, using these safer space guidelines as a template.


  • Respect the diversity of identities that come to this space (including but not limited to gender and sexuality); avoid assumptions as they may be hurtful.

  • Encourage active listening and enable others to contribute.

  • Respect everybody’s confidentiality (such as shared stories), privacy, and choice of context in which to be out outside of the safer space.

  • While participating in discussions avoid personal confrontations and remember to respectfully engage with another participant’s ideas.

  • Please provide a name and gender pronoun set with which to call you by (examples of pronoun sets: “they, them, their”, “none”, “she, her, hers”).

  • Respect the diversity of groups that exist in the world. Generalizations can be harmful; avoid generalizing about groups of people and acknowledge your own standpoint.


Discussion Groups

Pride facilitates weekly discussion groups which are held in accessible and safer spaces, open collective members. Discussion groups can be general or identity-specific and are meant to be a space for open discussion, sharing, and community building. Each discussion group meeting is facilitated by members of the Facilitation Committee, held with a unique focus on a certain activity or topic, and usually includes refreshments.


Safer & Welcoming Space

Pride manages the Pride office & Rainbow Room (In the new Student Union Building). This includes keeping a comfortable, accessible, and clean space for members of the Collective as well as assuring that all visitors adhere to the Safer  Space Guidelines. Office hours are kept so that the space is kept open to the Collective, as often as possible.


All- Ages Events

Pride holds numerous events, including All-Ages events which are open to all collective members of all ages and happens several times throughout the year. These are usually social events with a focus on a certain theme or activity that can be hold on or off campus.



Pride holds numerous events, including Dances, which are open to all collective members of all ages and happens a few times throughout the year. These Dances involve the selling and consumption of alcohol, although measures are taken to increase safety and provide alcohol-free spaces. These are social events with a focus on a certain theme or important date and are usually held on campus.


Educational Events

Pride holds numerous events, including Educational Events, which are open to all collective members of all ages and happens a few times throughout the year. These Education Events are usually held on campus and focussed on a certain theme, topic, or date of significance. Facilitators or special guests may be hosted at these events with a purpose of expanding and sharing knowledge.



PRIDEweek! is a weeklong series of events focussed on celebration, political action, knowledge sharing, and community building. It consists of a diversity of events including Queer U, an educational event; the opening ceremonies; the concourse fair; the PRIDEweek! dance; and many more educational and social events.




Pride also provides advocacy for all Collective members, including assistance in finding information and resources, contacting professors and University of British Columbia administration, and navigation of University and community systems.